SHAPING YOUR THEME in HD video with a story twist


WRAP a message theme around a story and captivate the minds of your audience.  Using High Definition Video, Photography, and Vector Art, we frame any subject or character in unique, creative ways to make a story come alive.

Training and Promotional Videos

Every message can be wrapped in a story. Whether the message is a promotion for your business or a subject that needs instructional teaching, we bring it to life. Many training videos in the industry are boring, uneventful narratives; we travel a different path by creating multimedia that sparks interest and enhances a capacity to learn.

Creative Stories

Creative Stories are short films presenting true life accounts of people places, or things.  We enjoy creating stories about people the most, because these are often ordinary heroes, from past and present, who stand in the face of challenge and adversity for their beliefs. You will be encouraged by their tenacity to face obstacles and overcome.

If you have a story to tell, we’re here to make it a reality. Call us at 250.428.0303 to discuss your project.



DELIVERING YOUR THEME through customized systems


Story Realm Productions designs and develops systems for presentation of media content.  Our systems are created through professional graphic design and layout, programming, technical writing, and content editing. They are deployed via physical media (i.e. DVD, Blue-Ray), websites, website applications, mobile apps, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

This is what we do - and we’re good at it.

Content Design

What do we design?

  • Written programs and documents - "blueprints" for operational or quality assurance objectives and practices
    • Safety Management Systems
    • Environmental Management Systems ((ISO)
    • Quality Management Systems
    • Operational Systems (i.e. Maintenance Programs)
  • Promotional graphics in photo, vector art, and written text
    • Brochures, Flyers, Posters
    • Presentations and much more...
  • Websites and Website content

Delivery Systems

We develop offline or online systems that present:

  • Written content
  • Video or photo media,
  • Capture and track data,
  • Organize, contain, and disseminate reference information

These systems simply make your life easier; they deliver the ‘goods’ where they need to go, and make it easy for users to access the information, theme, or message in a meaningful way.



Do you have a dream, an ambition, or an idea in your head that needs expression?  Have you wished for an affordable but professional helping hand to take your concept and make it exceptional, then deliver it to your intended audience?

IF you are a single individual or group,  small or medium size organization or business,  you've come to the right place.   We understand your need and can make your concept a visual reality.

Story Realm Productions provides a unique  two-pronged service - we CREATE visual media and innovative content, and DELIVER that media or content within customized systems and processes. 

Let’s face it - many great thoughts, ideas, topics, or themes never materialize because  no one tells the story. For a message to successfully reach an intended audience, it must be “captured” in a medium that brings it to life and “presented” in a manner that has impact. 

Give us a call at 250.428.0303 to tell us your vision.  We're listening.

What our Customers are saying...

Steve Troyer
President, Troyer Ventures Ltd

“The simple, creative, functionality of the systems has allowed us to expand our business beyond the limitations of our people. These systems have guided us through the parallel achievements of improved quality of services, aggressive revenue growth, and increased profitability.”