PRESENTING YOUR MESSAGE in a visual, multimedia story context


WRAP a message theme around a story and captivate the minds of your audience.

Introducing storytelling in film with Tru-Life™ Training and Promotional videos, Documentaries, and Story Chronicles.  Using High Definition Video, Photography, and Vector Art, Tru-Life™ media breathes life into any message, story theme, or topic.  We frame the subject or characters in unique, creative ways and, through visionary insight, make a story come alive for the audience.

Tru-Life™ Training and Promotional Videos

Every message can be wrapped in a story. Whether the message is a promotion for your business or a subject that needs instructional teaching, we bring it to life. Many training videos in the industry are boring, uneventful narratives; we travel a different path by creating multimedia that sparks interest and enhances a capacity to learn.

Tru-Life™ Documentaries

We present 30-60 minute historical and present-day documentary stories on themes that have meaning to us today. From Wonders of the Earth and the Universe to accounts of men and women who inspire us, these short stories embody the best of our times.

Tru-Life™ Story Chronicles

Chronicles are short films presenting true life stories of ordinary heroes, from past and present, who often stand in the face of challenge and adversity for their beliefs. You will be encouraged by their tenacity to face obstacles and overcome.

If you have a story to tell, we’re here to make it a reality. Call us at 250.428.0303 to discuss your project.



DELIVERING YOUR MESSAGE through unique, customized systems


Story Realm provides Keen Insight™ Systems to individuals or business clientele for delivery of media content.

Content Design

We create digital content and wrap it into systematic processes. Written programs and documents are structural blueprints for operational or quality assurance objectives and practices. HD video or vector graphics are digital media housed in a visual container. But neither of these are usable without a suitable delivery system.

Delivery Systems

We develop systems that present video or photo media, capture and track data, organize, contain, and disseminate reference information…and simply make your life easier. These systems deliver the ‘goods’ where they need to go, and make it easy for users to access the information, theme, or message in a meaningful way.

System Development

Content or Delivery systems are created through professional graphic design and layout, programming, technical writing, and content editing. They are deployed via disk systems (i.e. DVD, Blue-Ray, flash drives), websites, website applications, mobile apps, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

This is what we do - and we’re good at it.



IF you are looking for an effective, affordable method to convey your message or story, you're at the right place. At Story Realm, we provide a service unique to the industry - we CREATE visual media, and we DELIVER that media in customized systems. 

Let’s face it - many great thoughts, ideas, topics, or themes never materialize because  no one tells the story. For a message to successfully reach an intended audience, it must be “captured” in a medium that brings it to life and “presented” in a manner that has impact. 

Whether you are an individual with a story that needs telling, a business owner with a message for their staff or customers, or an organization with a cause worth proclaiming, we're listening.

Give us a call at 250.428.0303 and let's talk. 

Steve Troyer
President, Troyer Ventures Ltd
“The simple, creative, functionality of the systems has allowed us to expand our business beyond the limitations of our people. These systems have guided us through the parallel achievements of improved quality of services, aggressive revenue growth, and increased profitability.”